JSU Leadership Trip to NY

2nd Annual JSU Leadership Trip to New York

Dear JSU Parents and Teens,

I am excited to announce the long-awaited JSU Trip to New York! The JSU trip to New York is a special weekend full of non-stop impactful experiences. See the itinerary below to learn more about the trip we have planned. This trip to New York will be open to all JSU Upperclassmen.

Some of the highlights of the trip:

  • On Friday morning, learning about different organizations impacting the Jewish community, including special needs organizations, Kashrut organizations, and JLIC- learning about Jewish life on campus.
  • Amazing Shabbat workshops learning from innovators and leaders in the startup industry. We'll have personal development worships, like public speaking training.
  • Saturday night Scavenger Hunt in Times Square!
  • "Wedding Crashing"- We'll be supporting and helping a young (future) couple with their wedding and bringing energy and dancing!

Basic Trip Framework:

JSU teens in Greater Boston will be heading out Thursday afternoon and head back to Boston on Monday morning. We will be joining JSU teens from the NY and NJ area as well for a weekend of fun and leadership development.

Jewish Leadership Weekend

JSU NY is a unique leadership experience for teens to embark on a journey to New York and explore their full potential and how to become the best they can be. This year our theme and focus will be our Entrepreneurship. We'll meet with the leaders of companies and startups. We'll have workshops and sessions throughout the weekend that will be very informative and impactful for the teens in the area of Entrepreneurship and how it also develops a person's character. Here's just a sample of some of the topics we'll explore over the weekend:

  • Find Your Why: Every company has to have a why. Look within and find your passion and calling

  • Action: Learn ways to take steps forward on your ideas and personal journey.

  • Public speaking- Everything is sales: Strategies to best presenting your ideas!

  • Motivation: The Fuel for Success during the roller coaster of life.

(NOTE: This trip will be open to upperclassmen.)

Registration is now closed.
Please contact northeast@ncsy.org for more information.