Welcome to GNO Explore,  a new virtual initiative  designed to provide a culture and community around opting-in on weekly Jewish discussions and having the opportunity to bond with upperclassmen. The goal is to critically think about Jewish values in a fun and engaging way and how to apply them to our daily life.. Sessions will take place virtually Tuesday evening from 7:30 PM- 8 PM. We are so excited about this new adventure and can’t wait to explore with you!


Here’s how you join:

  • Fill out the form HERE.

  • Once you sign up for the event you will receive an email to join our Google Chat group.

  • Click HERE to make an account on (if you haven’t made one yet).

  • After every session, if you want to obtain extra points for the prize store, post 3 pictures a week of the actions completed associated with the week’s discussion.

Point System:

  • 20 points for every session attended
  • 5 points for every picture taken of the action completed associated with the week’s discussion.